Ecotourism & Climate Readiness Presentation in Scotland

— Written By Kristen Rice-Gira

Scenic poster that states, Ecotourism: Is your tourist experience climate-ready?

Dr. Erin Seekamp and doctoral candidate Ginger Deason traveled to Perth, Scotland in early October for the Mountains of Our Future Earth conference.

Ginger's jubilant hike

Ginger’s jubilant hike

Ginger presented her dissertation research on building climate readiness within an ecotourism business owned and operated by the indigenous communities of the Pueblos Mancomunados (located in the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico).

Corrie Fee National Park

Corrie Fee National Park

The presentation
was in a session on the first day and stimulated much discussion throughout the days that followed (session title: Science-driven, Community-Based Approaches for Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation Capacity).

Erin participated in a conference field trip to Corrie Fee, a National Nature Reserve, to better understand how lands are co-managed by Scottish Natural Heritage and Cairngorms National Park. After the conference, Erin and Ginger spent a day hiking in Cairngorms National Park.

Scenic view looking towards the town of Aviemore from Cairngorms National Park

Looking towards the town of Aviemore from Cairngorms National Park