Webinars on Protected Area Tourism Solutions

— Written By Kristen Rice-Gira

Panorama webinarsProtected Area Tourism Solutions Webinars

The tourism business plays a major role in sustaining the global network of protected areas. At the same time, half of all international travelers visit a protected area during their trip. However, the advocates of natural spaces often are concerned about the potential impacts of unsustainable tourism.

Here’s where there’s an excellent opportunity to learn more: take part of two Panorama twin webinars on sustainable protected area tourism solutions.

  • Session 1: March 31, 2016lone hiker
  • Session 2: April 7, 2016

Several international presenters will introduce their case studies during each webinar and explain what made them successful. Sign up by contacting the organizers for one or both sessions.

Co-hosts include the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme and the WCPA Tourism Specialist Group.

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