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NC State Extension

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Tourism Extension is to improve the quality of tourism provision across rural NC by helping individuals and communities develop prosperous and enduring tourism enterprises that will boost economic and community development efforts. As Tourism Extension specialists we seek to provide programs, resources and assistance to CES agents and other professionals working in rural counties across North Carolina.

Tourism in North Carolina banner showing woman on paddle board

Tourism Extension

Our research − conducted at international, national, and regional scales − fosters positive tourism development that conserves natural resources, promotes socio-cultural integrity, and stimulates endogenous economic development. Our programs are built on this research and with these programs we hope to answer the needs of North Carolina’s rural communities at all levels of tourism development.

Tourism Extension includes specialists Dr. Carla Barbieri, Dr. Duarte Morais and Dr. Erin Seekamp. Carla Barbieri specializes in sustainable tourism and agritourism. Duarte Morais specializes in sustainable community development and heads the People-First Tourism program. Erin Seekamp specializes in collaboration and partnerships for enhancing tourism development. Learn more about our programs.