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NC State Extension

About Tourism Extension

Our Mission:
The mission of Tourism Extension is to support individuals and communities develop healthy, prosperous and enduring tourism enterprises and destinations. 

Our Purpose:
We seek to provide programs, resources and assistance to Extension Agents and tourism stakeholders across and beyond North Carolina to enhance equitable and inclusive tourism strategies that nourish community development and resource conservation.

We value participatory research and engagement processes that foster:

  • Inclusive experiences
  • Equitable markets
  • Shared heritages
  • Preserved lifestyles
  • Conserved landscapes
  • Empowered livelihoods
  • Vibrant & resilient communities.

Our Expertise:

  • Agritourism
  • Climate resilience
  • Heritage preservation & conservation
  • Local foods & craft beverages
  • Microentrepreneurship
  • Partnerships & networks.