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Tourism Extension Publications and Factsheets

Cost Analysis for Improving Park Facilities to Promote Park-based Physical Activity12/16/2015
Success of Women in Agritourism: She Will Get What She Wants07/16/2018
Barriers and Strategies to Connecting Urban Audiences to Wildlife and Nature: Results from a Multi-Method Research Project03/18/2016
How Beneficial is Agritourism? North Carolina Farmers and Residents Respond12/15/2014
Creating a Crop Maze With GPS06/01/2004
Using Web Marketplaces to Reach Untapped Markets11/23/2015
North Carolina Women’s Success in Agritourism: Turning Challenges into Opportunities10/07/2016
Working Together: A Guide to Collaboration in Rural Revitalization09/21/2018
Are Neighbors Benefiting from Wine Tourism Development? Perceptions from the North Carolina Piedmont Triad04/15/2016
Assessing Historical Significance and Use Potential of Buildings within Historic Districts: An Overview of a Measurement Framework Developed for Climate Adaptation Planning05/25/2017
Agritourism Opportunities for Farm Diversification01/01/2010
Agritourism, Your Way01/01/2009
Considering an Agritourism Enterprise?01/01/2009
Regulations That May Affect Your Agritourism Enterprise01/01/2009
Risk Assessment and Management01/01/2009
Race, Ethnicity, Urban Populations, and Wildlife-Dependent Recreation: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature05/04/2015
Using Social Media to Market Agritourism01/01/2012
Social Relationships Between Wineries and Local Communities: Perspectives of North Carolinians from the Piedmont04/21/2016
Community Service01/01/2009
Marketing Your Agritourism Enterprise01/01/2009
Agritourism, Farm Visits, Agro-Tourism Oh My! Do Farmers, Residents, and Extension Faculty Speak the Same Language?01/01/2012
Agritourism in North Carolina: Summary of Pilot Study Results01/01/2012
North Shore Community Climate Readiness: Understanding Visitor Behaviors and Responses to Climate Change Projections 10/18/2017
Coastal Hazards and Tourism: Exploring Outer Banks Visitors’ Responses to Storm-Related Impacts05/03/2018
Enhancing Rural Tourism Networks Factsheet12/23/2014
Customer Service01/01/2009
Promoting Your Agritourism Business01/01/2009
Qualifying and Quantifying Your Personal Agritourism Potential01/01/2009
Agritourism in North Carolina: Comparison of 2005 and 2012 Survey Results01/01/2014

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