Low Carbon Tourism Practices Around the Globe

— Written By Maude Dinan

What does a biomass boiler in the Dominican Republic and cooling equipment in Sri Lanka have in common? They are among 16 case studies of sustainable tourism practices adopted and highlighted at the 4th United Nations Environment Assembly Sustainable Innovation Expo in Nairobi, Kenya this March.

As emissions threaten the health of our earth and societies, professionals from various sectors of the tourism industry have united to strategize ways to transform value chains to low carbon. Exploring initiatives that phase-out single-use plastic or incorporate third-party certifications to access food and energy-efficient equipment, these case studies demonstrate corporate buyers’ effective adoption of sustainable procurement processes.

Growing environmental pressures necessitate the adoption of green practices by all industries. Given the risk to natural places that are important to tourism and the impacts associated with travel, the tourism industry must and can lead efforts in sustainability. These case studies are available to the wider public to share and inspire unique, yet adaptable, approaches to low carbon tourism. You can access them as downloadable PDF documents.