Still Open! Restaurants and Businesses Adapt

— Written By Courtney Hotchkiss

On March 17, 2020, unrelated to St. Patrick’s Day, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order to limit the operations of restaurants and some businesses, essentially allowing for pick up or delivery only. This executive order is intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but will also result in new challenges for businesses that depend on local customers and for some employees who are not allowed to do their job for at least a couple of few weeks.

So as we sit at home pondering 1.) is there a way I can help local businesses? and 2.) what am I going to eat for dinner? restaurants and businesses are acting quickly and creatively to change their operations to address the new restrictions while still fastidiously serving customers. Across North Carolina, both highly-visited and rural areas are creating resources to help customers navigate ordering food and other products. Click links below to find out what is available and how to order:

Be JOCO Strong homepage screen shot

Website homepage for Johnston County guiding customers on how to order and support local restaurants and businesses.

If you have additional resources, please post them to the threads at our Facebook and Twitter pages, or search the handle @NCExtTourism.

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